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Welcome to my Busby Seo Test Page. I'm Ced, a little Seo Guy from France, and I take part in a seo contest called "Busby Seo Contest". First of all, please my english because I speak shakespear language like a spanish cow like we say in France. Busby Seo Contest is an australian seo contest, I don't know if I gonna win but "The most important thing is not to win, but to take part" like said the french founder of the modern Olympic games, Pierre de Coubertin. So, I've made quickly this Busby Seo Test page, and traditionally I give on my site the main contest rules. You will also find on this page my constest logbook : I will notice here the evolution of this page, and the several contest events. I don't really know if this logbook is really interesting for you, dear user. But I hope so, because this contest give us the oportunity to test our seo skill.

Busby Seo Test logbook

Busby Seo Test on Saturday October 18th, 2008 :

I've just started this contest in the beginning, perhaps the wednesday october 1st. My site was crawled by Google, and was positionned on #26, so #16 and today #34. It's a normal approach because I've made only a simple site, and I give it just a little links. How does my site will change in Google next weeks ? We will see it next time. ;)

Busby Seo Test on Monday October 20th, 2008 :

Busby Seo TestI was surprised this morning because my site has jumped position 12. I try to remember what did I do last week :

  • I've made a sitemap.
  • To do this, I've had to throw up my first main url who was hat.weben.fr/busby-seo-test.htm to hat.weben.fr.
  • I began this logbook. I think that a little longer text on this page can't be bad for seo.
  • I've made a robots.txt file. I think this little file is usefull because spiders don't lose their time with http 404 else, and in many case, if you want to modify the htaccess file, this file can be replaced by a real html page. pouah !
  • I worked on the title tag on each page of this site, title tags have to be differents on a site.
  • I worked also on the meta description tag. Each meta description has to be different and a little bit long.

That's all. I didn't make any links on my site.

This Busby seo test challenge gave us the oportunity to test our seo. So, I would like to mention a strange case I've met today. I take part in a strange forum called chocoku land. There, we are talking about a lot of crazy seo topics like chocoku, and ... the seo busby test challenge. I took a copy of the Google result on "busby seo test" of a topic :

The Busby Seo Test french request

You can note that Google made a mistake about the last message date. The real date is not october 25th 2006, but october 13th 2008. I don't really understand why...

I took a look at the busby seo test organiser site. But I didn't notice a way to register. I'll take a look later so...

Busby Seo Test on Friday October 24th, 2008 :

What a big surprise today ! Because I'm ranked #9 in this contest. It's perhaps because my last comments have been indexed by Google. I update my page today to see if it can jump again. It's difficult to win an english contest because It's a little boring for me to write in English, I would prefer write in french. See you later !

Busby Seo Test on Sunday October 26th, 2008 :

a picture containing text 'Busby Seo Test'
Busby Seo Test

I get down today to #11 ;). It's perhaps because other players get up. I don't know really. I think I have to write the other rankings to remember them. So :

Busby Seo Test Rankings on Sunday October 26th, 2008 :

  1. www.dstudiobali.com/webdesign/busby-seo-test-page (Dewaji - Indonesia)
  2. www.dstudiobali.com/busby-seo-challenge (Dewaji - Indonesia)
  3. www.pogung177.com/djarumsuper (pogung - Indonesia)
  4. kabonfootprint.com/busby-seo-test (Simon - Indonesia)
  5. rumahabi.info (
  6. www.suhailtufail.com
  7. www.sphereteam.com (sphereteam page disqualified - France)
  8. www.imfreakz.com/busby-seo-test (Dexno - Indonesia)
  9. www.globalwarming-awareness2k7.info/busby-seo-test.php (gnome's page - France)
  10. ianimaru.com/addiction (Ianimaru - Indonesia)
  11. hat.weben.fr (mine - France)
  12. www.wizie.org/seotest
  13. pinayspeak.com

We can all notice that's there's a lot of Indonesian players but, I just know Pogung, the Gnome and the Sphereteam.

Busby Seo Test Rankings on sunday October 26th, 2008
Busby Seo Test Rankings on sunday October 26th, 2008

Busby Seo Test on Wednesday October 29th, 2008 :

I get down to #14 today ;) twice. My main page is updated and I had to add a page with my contest links. I called this page busby-seo-test.htm, but it was my first contest page. Perhaps Google, don't take in consideration all my links.

My friend Songeur alias Fragmobile has lauched his new Busby Seo Test at the adress bst.fragmobil.com. Come On Songeur ! I'm waiting for you !

The sphere team is so worldly known, that a contestant called his Busby site spermteam.com. Lol.

Busby Seo Test on Friday October 31st, 2008 :

Yeah ! I got it ! I get up #5 today (:. I don't really understand why, but I'm #5 ! It's perhaps because I write this logbook daily, perhaps because some of my friends give me some links, perhaps because I add the busby-seo-test.htm page on my site. I don't really know but I'm #5 !

Busby Seo Test Rankings on friday October 31st, 2008
Busby Seo Test Rankings on friday October 31st, 2008

I take this opportunity to talk a little about a french seo guy called The Gnome. In the beginning of the contest, he made quickly a busby seo test page, perhaps he made some links to this page too ;), and it was the first busby seo test page on the Google rankings in the beginning. He is know #4, and it is not so bad, because I think he didn't made anythink else ! He is now making a new busby seo test forum, and I think I'll take part in it !

Busby Seo Test on Sunday November 2nd, 2008 :

Château de ChambordI'm always on the first page today on #6. www.ardhindie.com has got up on #4. But, it's not so bad. I couldn't talk about my busby seo test page, because I was not at home last days : I get to the Loire Valley to see some castles : The Château de Chenonceau, and The Château de Chambord. I take his opportunity to take a photography for my busby seo test. I don't know if it's very interesting for you, but if it is not, It makes me laugh, because I have to write someting new on this busby seo contest. Eventually, it gives me the occasion to try to position this picture on "Château de Chambord". We'll see so...

Busby Seo TestBusby Seo Test on Monday November 3th, 2008 :

Today, I say hi to pogung between my title tags - I'll see when Google will display it. It's another Busby Seo Test !

Busby Seo Test on Tuesday November 4th, 2008 :

Yes ! It did it : I've seen today the last change on my title page on Google : It just takes one day ! So, I change today to see if it works again. I will hi MES now. It's another indonesian seo guy.

I'm afraid that I've seen my new position too : I'm #11 today, it's not very good, it's perhaps beacause I've made a change to test an image of the Château de Chambord. I will see later, if it doesn't go.

I made quickly my personnal page because I'm looking for a job in France. I'm not sure but I've noticed that Google doesn't take in consideration my french accents : My personnal page is not in first position with "xxx", so I put it on my contest page to see if it will work. It's another busby seo test !

Busby Seo Test on Wednesday November 5th, 2008 :

I'm sad today because I'm #17 :(. It's a pity. I don't know really why. I've seen early this morning my last title change : It just takes one day again. I change another time the title because it's funny.

I've seen some other contestants links and I've found a Google Profile. It's perhaps a good idea so I've made mine, called chocoku indeed.

Busby Seo Test on Thursday November 6th, 2008 :

#16 today, better than today, but it's not a very good position. I see the spermteam getting down too. It's perhaps normal. This morning, I see my last title change on the Google search : This engine is faster than I thought. I change my title another time to see if it will work tomorrow.

Busby Seo Test

There is a strange contestant on the "Busby Seo Test" serps in #19 : It's the official Google request. It's strange because this page is ranking not so bad, it should be not indexed because of the robots.txt forbiden rules. I don't see any links to this page. The other thing is the title on Google is not the page title. It seems the title "Busby Seo Test Position" cames from the immim9298.com site which has made a blogroll link. I'm to trying a redirection 302 to this "busby seo test position" page to see what will append. It's another Busby Seo Test.

It's just a pity because Google don't take in consideration my last page hat.weben.fr/busby-seo-test.htm. I'm waiting so...

Busby Seo Test on Friday November 7th, 2008 : Where do you come from ?

Busby Seo Geographic

Yes, you come from the country France indeed... but what's the second one : Indonesia ! Lol ! Hi Pogung !

Busby Seo Test on Saturday November 8th, 2008

I'm going down today : I'm #20 or #21... It's perhaps I've made curious experiences... lol ! I don't care.

Google takes in consideration my page hat.weben.fr/busby-seo-test.htm, but he doesn't get my hat.weben.fr/position/ yet. I add this page on my sitemap.xml file and I'm trying another title change.

Busby Seo Test on Sunday November 9th, 2008

Yesterday, I add "How to win 10 positions in Google ?" in my title tag, because I thought a lot of contestant will click on my site. But, I didn't give you the answer : If I've found this tip, I would be in #10 today, not in #20 ! lol !

Busby Seo Test on Thursday November 13th, 2008

I didn't write on my logbook last days because I've done severall little things on my site. I was in position #13, I'm now in #16... It's not so bad.

My site is now full indexed. My hat.weben.fr/position/ page makes a 302 redirection to Google Busby Seo Test search, and this last page has disapear from the google index : It works ! It doesn't seem that my site is better now, but it works ! It was a silly busby Seo Test : Google can't see this page as mine, because the Google robots.txt file forbid it. I don't care : It was just for fun !

I've changed my sitemap.xml file with xsl. It's more nice, but I don't think it's very good for my position.

I worked too on a rss, and georss file, but now, it's not ready.

Busby Seo Test on Saturday November 15th, 2008

Busby Seo Test 2.0I've seen my Busby Seo Test on #11 today :). But, I don't know why... lol. I don't care... There's a lot of silly things I've seen : Google print sometimes my last week title... It seems to get back few days ago.

I've made a little Rss with my single site, and I add a little button to add this Rss to my Igoogle. I'll see if it works.

I've had little fun making an image web 2.0 with the little logo you see on the right. Can this 2.0 button help me on this contest ? Who knows ?

Busby Seo Test on Wednesday November 19th, 2008

I'm #20 today. I've done few busby seo tests last days : I've made my Rss, and I've made some links too. Today, I clean up my home page, perhaps I will get up ?

Busby Seo Test on Tuesday November 20th, 2008

Yeah ! I saw this site on #9 today... But, it get down now to #12... It seems that my last changes was Ok : I've changed my title to "Busby Seo Test : Testing Search Engine Optimisation", and I get off few links to other sites. I think these changes was a little important, and Google thought that I've got new content... (It was not) I think It's a fresh bonus, but I'll see if it continues.

Busby Seo Test on Saturday November 22th, 2008

I'm #10 today an 2 different google centers. It's not so bad. I guess my last changes was good : I've deleted some external links on my home page, I've added some external links, and I've changed my title. I think it is all. Does Google love me ? Or perhaps, other contestants never change their page, or perhaps they've got some spamy penalities... And I don't now really. I see in #9 the sphereteam, and I know it don't change : this page can help me to know if my changes are good or not. See you soon.

Busby Seo Test on Sunday November 23th, 2008

In this morning, this page is ranking in position #9. It's better than yesterday. Sphereteam is #8, so I guess that another contestant is getting down, and I don't get up. It's not to bad, after all, because I've not made a lot of links to my Busby Seo Test site.

Busby Seo Test on Tuesday November 27th, 2008

Yes, my page is #8 today. I suppose my rss wasn't good before. I've change it. I've added a Busby Berkeley video today. The singer sing out of tune, but it's another seo busby test.

Busby Seo Test on Friday November 28th, 2008

Pink HatMy page is #7 today ! And It's better than the old sphere team, with just few links on Yahoo. It's a very funny Busby Seo Test. Do you want to know what's the color of my seo hat ? Is it a black hat ? No... Is it a white hat ? Hu.. not really... because I prefer pink hat seo. So, I've made a little image on the left to present you my favorite hat cedBusbySeoTest6.


Busby Seo Test on Wednesday January 7th, 2008

Hi ! First of all, I wich you an happy new year 2009 ! I which it full of hapiness and seo luck !

I didn't modify this site for a long time, because it was hollidays in France, and I couldn't take care of it. I saw my page in #20 position, it was not so bad. But now, I think I'm #24. I modifiy today my page to see what will append : perhaps Google take care of the refreshness of this page, perhaps not. It's just another Busby Seo Test !

I've also added my photography, because I've made a CV and Google Image don't want to take my photography on my name. I know that Google image is quite long, but I try to speed it a little bit. I think it can be another busby seo test too.

It take part in another seo contest called cuocthiseo. It seems that seo contest is a vietnamian contest, it's funny to take part in it too. This contest is ending on march 7th, 2009. I've made two pages for this cuocthiseo contest, one is in french for my friends from france, and another one is in english to take part really in this cuocthiseo contest.

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