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How to convert an html source code to include xhtml and cascading style sheets

Here are the steps you can follow to comply with XHTML (Transitional) :

  1. Add a <!DOCTYPE> that identifies XHTML Transitional.
  2. Add namespace information to the <html> tag.
  3. Make sure that other tags are lower case. (Example : change HEAD to head).
  4. Make sure all tags have a closing tag. (Example : <HR> becomes <HR />).
    Other popular tags to check <br>, create </div> and </span> tags
  5. Make sure attributes are in " " format. (height=240 to height="240")
  6. Make sure attributes are in lower case. (HEIGHT becomes height)
  7. Make sure tags are properly nested <table>, <tr>, <td>, <div>, <font>, etc.
  8. Added alt property to <img> tags.
  9. Removed invalid colspan="2" and valign attributes from the <table> tags
  10. Test with validation at http://validator.w3.org/

Here are the steps I used to put formatting into CSS :

  1. Create <style> </style> just before the </head>
    This could be pulled into your external stylesheet if preferred.
  2. Put hr color and height in the style section.
  3. Replace nested <div> center tags with center alignment in a.nav.
  4. Removed errant </font> close tags.
  5. Removed <font> tag from bottom of page since it did not wrap any text.
  6. Created a.nav, a.nav2 and td.blbar2 in the <style> section.
    Note that a.nav and a.nav2 seem to have the same values in your source.
    You may want to make all references to a.nav for simplicity.

The following are excellent resources for DOCTYPE, XHTML, and CSS :

  • A List Apart : "Fixing Your Site with the Write DOCTYPE"
  • BeeandNee : "Converting HTML documents to XHTML" by B. A. Jaison, July 2002
  • DevGuru : "XHTML Coding Rules and Syntax"
  • New York Public Library: "XHTML: Authoring Tips & Tools"
  • W3 Schools: "CSS How To"
  • W3C Markup Validation Service to validate your pages
  • Search Strategy: Find XHTML conversion tutorials
  • Search Terms: convert HTML XHTML :

I hope you have found this information useful and easy to understand. If you have any questions about this information, please do not hesitate to post a clarification request before rating the answer.

This took a little bit of extra time due to some errors present in the various codes for the table layout. Ultimately, I was able to have the code pass XHTML validation.

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