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I have just finished running keyword ranking reports for my clients. This is one of many mind you, but the main target keyword was 'puerto banus'. As you can see below we hit the front pages of all three majors on the .com engines of each. Also hit for two out of the three majors .co.uk and missed Yahoo for now...with # 20 position. So thats page five out of six and almost two trifecta's, and I can't complain with the results, clients happy. And many of you know they could all be much worse from personal experience..and if not personally, ask around. many will tell you lol..... You can see the full report by following this link : "The Real Search Engine Stompings" and if you want to see the same assault on the search engines visit this page. Search Engine Surgery. Where you will find client after client, listed on the front pages of Google Msn & Yahoo for keyword terms that people use daily to find products and services on the Internet! Thanks for stopping by the SEO Surgeon - where the only casualty is your competitors listings!!! The contest over at Busby Seo Test is on. The keyword is Busby Seo Test Since we know who the winner of the contest will be if you would be kind enough to build links with the words Busby Seo Test- as the anchor text and point it to the subdomain I would appreciate it. Business Ideas. Hope everyone is doing well today. I decided I would start offering a few random tidbits of business ideas I have but I know that I won't have the time to persue but which I know will be a viable business, one that quite a few people could start, and then expand on the concept from there. So the first idea for a new business is massage therapy for pets. now I know most of you will think I am nuts but that's cool as I am really insane but I managed to convinve the doc's I'm sane. So back to the idea, it's more designed for the mass denisty human packed parts of the world where people are insanely in love with there pets and the idea stems from a sport where animals are massaged. You see athlets, usually football players being massaged on the sidelines of games, well horses too receive massages there is a school which offers Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certification, and they are a nationally and internationally recognized leader in equine massage schools.(Schools like in plural?) There's a listing for it in DMOZ. So laugh all you want but this is a viable business that someone who loves pets and can market the idea could be first to market within their current geographic location. Given the industry is a billion dollar one we know people love thier pets, at times maybe even more than they love other people. Google Adsense MyClientCenter Hey everyone, It seems Google has indeed implemented a new Adsense Log in to manage large publishers campaigns on Adsense. Here is another screen shot that I took this morning. I have also written Adsense support about the issue as I could not figure out how to get to my controls for ad layout channels etc. Well after a while staring at the screen I figured out (Coffee finally hit) to click the blue link with my name on it der... So it will I suppose have each clients log in address lined in a row like Adwords. In this screen in the upper left you will see the tab labeled My Client Center which will take you back to the original screen shot I posted. Thanks to the guys at Google, as I have been fortunate to pick up some Adsense consulting work. This should help land more and larger clients. I think I found more answers from the Adsense Blog You asked: Does using referrals affect smart pricing on my site ? Rob says: Referral clicks and impressions have no effect on smart pricing. You asked: When will you offer more detailed reporting? Rob says: We'll soon be making 'Advanced Reports' available for referrals. This will allow you to see referral stats over any specific time frame you desire. So I have made a few referals and I think that is where this is coming from. Adsense My Client Center Woke up this morning and after checking clients Adwords account I ran to check my adsense. Logged in and figured the My Client Center would be gone. but it was still there. Some people seem worried about the odd URL at the end. However it is on the https:// server which is Googles secure server so the ending of the URL is their naming choice. More to come. Google Adsense Client Center Hey ! Check it out Google has a new My Client Center for Adsense. Anyone know what is up with this?? Where did my channel report go?? SEO SEM Web Stats. Hey everyone, This website offers some great website statistics. I work on websites from all over the world and quite a few have used this service on their web pages. If you are not using and reading your website stats you are letting your business suffer. SEO Metrics. A new post holiday season 2009 report from Hitwise the the Internet monitoring service which states more than one (1) in ten (10) visitors to leading Internet based retail Web sites came through Google.com search engine. Citing the report, 11.1 percent of all shopping and classifieds site visits within December began in the Google Search Box, up 28 percent from year to year over last years record numbers. Yahoo Search drove 4.05 percent of the traffic for the period, and MSN Search 0.79 percent. In total search engines drove 18.3 percent of all visitors to shopping and classifieds in the month of December. Google Sitemap Stylesheet thank you to Tobias Kluge Here is a great way to make your Google Sitemap xml file look much nicer and it can be used on your website as a sitemap file for humans too. Download the zip file, extract it and copy it to the same directory where your google sitemaps stylesheet is located, should be same level as your index page. Download Google Sitemaps Stylesheetnext and final step: edit the sitemaps file, copy as the 2nd line save in utf8 and upload the changed sitemaps file to your webserver It even works with Google Sitemap index files.

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